Monthly Archives: February 2012


Hey guys! I was thinking that I could make videos and put them on here! I was thinking of even making comedies, news videos, and much much more! So, don’t forget to check this site out everyday to see if we post anything new! 🙂 Here is the comedy link: watch it and it is my first comedy! 😀


A New CPPS Coming Soon! (Maybe)

Hey guys. I found out and my friend is making a CPPS. It may come soon. It will be called bugscp. Here is the link: . I hope you like that website too! : ) Closed for 2 days? This Explains. closed for 2 days. It’s something to do with BotMan. It is now up again so, it’s “Goodbye” meant nothing. At least it’s back up! ☺☻

Famous Zen CPPS Closed? This Explains.

Yep. It’s official. Zen closed. We don’t know how but it closed. It could of been because of hacking or lagging. We loved that CPPS but now, it is dead. I wonder what happened. Penguin Trillion took Zen’s place. I had the most shocking look on my face. But luckily, there are still a bunch of CPPS’ out there. 🙂


Hello! This is our new site so, feel free to look around the site!